•    feeling stressed, anxious or panicky;

•    finding work overwhelming;

•    lacking a sense of purpose;

•    suffering from low self-esteem and depression;

•    coming to terms with loss or bereavement;

•    having relationship difficulties;

•    having suffered a trauma;

•    having difficulties with your sexuality;

•    struggling with family conflicts;

•    feeling burdened by shame or guilt;

•    suffering from eating disorders;

•    struggling to overcome phobias;

•    being beset by obsessional thinking.

The psychotherapeutic relationship can enable YOU to find a way through issues of depression, anxiety and stress, to name but a few problems. Often people are not sure what is bothering them but wish to explore thoughts and feelings which may have led them to feel stuck, lose a sense of who they are or meaning in their life.

woman-smallI offer a CONFIDENTIAL SAFE AND NON-JUDGMENTAL SPACE for people to explore issues that are difficult to discuss with family or friends. In this way, you can come to understand yourself, feel more positive and embrace the tools to meet life’s challenges and difficulties.

I work as a Humanistic Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist. In offering you UNCONDITIONAL POSITIVE REGARD, EMPATHY AND HONESTY, I seek to build a solid therapeutic relationship, which empowers you to find YOUR OWN ANSWERS whilst simultaneously drawing on your individual strengths to become the very best person you may be.  In this process, I may reflect on  principles of Psychodynamic theory, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt, Existential Psychotherapy and others, whilst always recognising that the pace and depth of our work together is IN YOUR TIME.